Highlight - CSSOff 2013

CSSOff 2013



CSSOff is a yearly competition for frontend developers to measure their skills and expertise. I participated in 2013 together with 8000 others. The layout was rather complex and more print oriented. It was supposed to be responsive and as a bonus I made it fairly accessible. Since it left open many questions it was easily interpreted in many ways. So also the judges had quite some works this year. As of right now, 6 months after submission, their are no results.

Project Involvement

  • html5, css3, jquery, javascript
  • Responsive (with 3 breakpoints) and accessible layout
  • pixel perfect implementation
CSSOff 2013

Highlight - Schule Plus - Portal for institutions & their partners

Schule Plus - Portal for institutions & their partners

SWiM Media UG


The project started back in 2011 with an idea and developed over 2 years. I teamed up with a designer and backend developer to create the portal for a client who wants to help institutions like schools or universities to find their partners. For example, Companies open their doors for pupils or offer workshops to get to know the work life.

Project Involvement

  • concepted and created the complete frontend - module driven development
  • HTML4, CSS3 (progressive enhancement), java script (JQuery)
  • Wide compatibility: from IE7 to the latest Chrome (progressive enhancement), because target group uses rather old browsers
  • Accessibility and non-javascript support
  • Usability advise and design review
  • close work with backend development
SchulePlus - start page
SchulePlus - fields of topics

Highlight - Berlin-Brandenburger Sportverein

Berlin-Brandenburger Sportverein



Online representation for german Sports Club in Berlin. Website includes current sports, events and news.

Project Involvement

  • Design, Frontend and Backend creation
  • HTML5, CSS3 (progressive enhancement), javascript (JQuery), wordpress backend and creating own template
  • custom wordpress page includes and highlights
BBSV - Start page

Highlight - Swim Bildung

Swim Bildung

SWiM Media UG


This is the portfolio site of the company SWiM Media. It shows what projects they have, who works with them and what they are all about. It's a simple one page with some nice scrolling features.

Project Involvement

  • HTML5, Css3, latest Wordpress with own custom page templates
  • Wide compatibility: from IE7 to the latest Chrome (progressive enhancement)
  • Sticky navigation that locks to the top when scrolling down, slider
  • Backend: created page-tree-logic with child pages to minimize code for client and be more dynamic (One-Pager is made out of more than 25 sub-pages)
Swim Bildung Portfolio

Highlight - Klasse Lehrer

Klasse Lehrer

S.W.i.M UG


This satellite site advertises a small side project which offers further supportive education for teachers.

Project Involvement

  • complete development & programming & design
  • Used: e107 CMS with custom navigation
  • Custom created template, including javascript buttons, SEO
  • Created custom calendar with sign up function
Klasse Lehrer - Fortbildung

Highlight - Vsebina




The final website of my stay abroad in Slovenia was the agency relaunch. Again I used wordpress for an easy-access backend and extended the site with a multi-languages plugin which i customized.

Project Involvement

  • complete development & programming, Design by Vsebina
  • Used: Wordpress CMS extended w/ plugins & customization
  • Custom created template, SEO
  • Multi-language support
Vsebina Portfolio

Highlight - Outfit7




Outfit7 is the creator of the famous iPhone App Talking Tom. They make applications for iPhone, Android, Facebook etc. They hired Vsebina to create their website and find them some kind of corporate identity. As a part of my stay with them i developed this site.

Project Involvement

  • complete development & programming, Design by Vsebina
  • Used: Wordpress extended w/ plugins
  • Custom created template with page inline Next/Back navigation, extra blog integration despite static home page
Outfit7 - Start

Highlight - Blaž Porenta Portfolio

Blaž Porenta Portfolio

Veto Group


Blaž Porenta is a well know slovene artist. His specialization are illustration, concept art and graphic design. He is known for large 2D illustrations.

Project Involvement

  • complete development, design & programming
  • Used: Wordpress extended w/ plugins, customized Gallery, Custom created template design and programming
Blaz Porenta Start

Highlight - Studenten Machen Schule

Studenten Machen Schule

S.W.i.M UG


"Studenten machen Schule" was a big bigger project for a client who wanted needed a portal for students (future teachers) who offer workshops in schools. The organization organizes everything around it and coordinates the workshops. Offices are in Hamburg, Berlin and Bavaria.

Project Involvement

  • Frontend & Backend Development (e107 CMS); Design by Leonid Fishman
  • Used: full Content Management System e107, template creation, customized navigation & sub navigation, user administration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Created network of sites: Hamburg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Bayern, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, and linked databases and communication of sites
Studenten Machen Schule

Highlight - Green Solutions

Green Solutions

IHK Berlin

This was my final project for the education of "Digital & Print Media Design (IHK)". We had to design a page for the fake company Green Solutions. The topic was about alternative energies.

Project Involvement

  • Made around 13 screens including user interaction and forms
  • Final Rating: 96/100 points
  • Detailed concept (german) starting with briefing and target group over navigation plan and layout to typography, color managment and final relalisation plans
  • Additional W3 Modul Databases: creating a database for a quiz, importing & adding data, selection of winners via sql query
Green Solutions - Start