Arriving to Canada

On the 19th in the early morning we set out to start our trip to Canada. For around a year we want to experience North America, work, live, travel and enjoy.

The flight was split into 2. First to Bruessels and then Toronto. We needed to manage a time shift of 6 hours, which was ok. I didn't experience any bad jetlag. Just a bit shifting in the rhythm which by now is also sorted out. We got the paper work for the Visas beforehand (application process takes around 2 weeks -> IEC) sorted out but we still needed to get the actual Visa. So after arrival we went to the Immigration office. After a short wait in line and some paperwork we had a nice Visa stamp and the work permit attached to the passport.

Toronto greeted us we a sunny day and we managed to stay awake a bit longer to get rid of the jetlag the next day. The 3 days in Toronto was marked by a little sight seeing but mostly setup as a canadian worker. We went to get the Social Insurance Number and bank account and tried to sort out telephone.

3 days later we were again at the airport to head over to Vancouver. Another 5 hours flight and additional 3 hours time difference. Since May 22nd we are in Vancouver now. Great city. We managed to arrange for a flat starting July and I will start working tomorrow at Hootsuite! :)