Here are some updates and news from me. Mostly about current projects, developments and nice to knows.


Favicon in Photoshop

Can't believe it, but yes you need a plugin to save a favicon in Photoshop. The good news is that it's free and works with all versions of Photoshop including CS5, Photoshop Elements, and Paint Shop Pro version 9 or later.
Just go to: and download the right package. Then just copy the file of the package into

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS%version%
\Plug-Ins\File Formats

restart Photoshop and there you go. Downsize your logo to 16x16px, save it as favicon.ico and upload it in the root of your website.
Most browser detect automatically that there is a favicon in the root but to be sure add

<link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="favicon.ico" 
type="image/x-icon" />

in the head of the website (before head tag ends).

Wordpress: Using static page and latest post link

So when doing a recent wordpress template i encountered one problem. The front page was meant to be a static page but the latest post function was still supposed to work on another link (Blog). Finding out the link to access the latest posts was quick. You can always find it over:

But now i wanted the mark up to work. Usually wordpress marks current items with the class "current_page_item". Since this was a custom link, i had to do this mark up myself. I was searching quite some time for this. At the end i was able to solve it like this:

<li class="blog <?php if ( preg_match("/.*p=all.*/i",
$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']) || is_single() )
{ ?>current_page_item<?php } ?>"><a href="?p=all"
title="<?php _e('title', 'default');
?>"><?php _e('Blog', 'default'); ?></a></li>

I tried all kinds of functions that wordpress is offering. is_home, is_page, is_singular etc. But only this did the final trick since these latest posts are not a page neither just one post. Now it adds the class "current_page_item" to this link when a user is on it. Solved.

Digital Media Recources

In my last projects the roll of social networks was fortunately really present. In the last 5 years you could see a constant growth of importance within this medium. Though i still have to kinda sell this topic to clients. How come?
I think one thing is that people really think more in topics rather than connecting them. But why not connect private fun with work. Especially then internet makes there no limitation.


So when creating a new site, lets say a portfolio, why not connect it with your favorite network? Most likely you will reach as many, rather more people, than with only your new site.


Nowadays social networks are so powerful and many people like to show their favorite artists or brands.
Why did Cola Cola reward 2 guys who created their fan page of the product? Simple because it grow so rapidly that they got a promotion worth at least 2 advertisement spots on TV during the best air time.


So while creating web pages it is worth to consider social network as an additional source or like a satellite site. Big ones are Facebook and Myspace of course, but also smaller ones can be worth a try if they cover a special target group. Another advantage of social networks can be also the offer of their services. For example gives you youtube a strong Video streaming function or have u ever consider the mobile version of your site on the net? Some networks offer a really easy access to this.


So networking, as i call it, is for sure worth a consideration and for me belongs to creating websites just as search engine optimizing and marketing.


A list of social networks can be found here

Wordpress Multi Languages

You may think this is a fast and easy thing to do but no. Due to a recent project for the band ADAM I was researching this more in detail. Apparently wordpress wasn't made to be multi language blog and also the plugin world has problems turning it to one. Though here are 5 plugin that try it:

"5 Plugins To Build A Multilingual Website"


On my project I tried qTranslate. It looked promising but when adding a new language it got stuck. Sadly Slovene isn't a very popular language so it wasn't one of the standard ones. I'll see how it can be realized at the end.


Update: qtranslate turned out to be the one. I was able to add new languages and it works quite well. So it's the most recommended.

Google doesn't like ...

... Croatia. Apparently:  "Did you mean Croatia is NOT going to sp 2009"

google fail