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Klasse Lehrer

This satellite site advertises a small side project which offers further supportive education for teachers.

Studenten Machen Schule

"Studenten machen Schule" was a big bigger project for a client who wanted needed a portal for students (future teachers) who offer workshops in schools. The organization organizes everything around it and coordinates the workshops. Offices are in Hamburg, Berlin and Bavaria.


PapaRoachUnit was a fan project for the band Papa Roach. The website became quite propular and had at the end around 10000 registered users. I learned how to administrate big websites and improved my backend skills.

Bullet for my Valentine Streetteam

This project was initiated through my experience with streetteams and guerilla marketing. The french Sony BMG Label needed a website and help with the organisation for the streetteam of Bullet for my Valentine.