Here are some updates and news from me. Mostly about current projects, developments and nice to knows.



It's summer 2017 and I thought to update a bit. I'm back in Berlin. Canada was an awesome experience and have to thank Hootsuite for being such a good employer. Had a great time and learned a lot.

Now back in Berlin I started a job with Spoonflower as a Senior Developer focused on Frontend and React. I architectured the new frontend for them (ruby backend, grunt + webpack frontend deployment, ruby asset pipeline replacement) and made sure we are shipping accessible code through coding standards.

I hardly have time for side projects so my portfolio is not really up-to-date (Just added the dashboard i did for Spoonflower). This is also because my 3 month old son is keeping me busy lately. I'm taking a maternity leave at the moment and I'm back to work in November. Looking forward to getting back to code.


I'm live! Hurray. I finally managed and put my new design live. The site is so much better than the old one. It's hard to say what all improved since it was a long process and there just too many things. But lets say I throw everything away but the posts and brought everything back to the year 2014.

Got a new structure, wordpress improved so much, custom fields, sorting and structure with categories instead of page includes and much more backend-wise.

Regarding Front-End I made it responsive and accessible. HTML5, CSS3, SASS! Yippie. Colours are lighter and everything has more contrast to improve the readability. I got a new category for my Canada adventure and I will try to blog  a bit more often about the do's and don't in Front-End.



I participated in CSSOFF 2013 version. This is a competition for Frontend developers to check their skills and compare themselves. This year we had to build a layout which was quite print focused so many unusual adjustments for web had to be made.

You can check out my entry on Codepen here:

I'm hoping that the results are soon to be announced. The organizer wrote that around 8000 people participated. There are 3 rounds of judging so it might take some time for the results to be announced.

Github ... finally

I finally managed to add some stuff to github. My project base for Sass is now open source. Fell free to use it. It includes all what you need for smooth project start including clearfix, reset, helpers, mixins etc.


Ps: I'm just re-doing my site. Soon it gonna be a bit lighter here.