Here are some updates and news from me. Mostly about current projects, developments and nice to knows.


Hurray, a new project

Yes, finally i came around one and was able to put it live a few days ago.


It's a small page but it had some catches.
First of all it is a one-pager which screams for a static page but the client wanted to administrate it so i decided for the latest wordpress and for html5!
So lovely this html5 markup. Always love using it. You can so easily markup your most important elements with proper tags and the search engines know instantly what it is, less clumsy than in HTML4. Also, it comes in with nice Reader feature on ios devices and you can make it compatible to older browsers with a tiny script that tells the older browser what you actually wanted to say with the tag "header" for example. Furthermore html5 and wordpress brings together nice frontend-onsite editing features so it was truly the right decision.
So additionally I was of course using some Css3 features like transitions and build in a few javascripts to make the smooth scrolling, the locked navigation, hash-tags and the slider in the team area possible.
That was already a bit catchy but the challenge was the backend.


I didn't want it to be an obvious wordpress so I removed all hints from pingbacks over rss-feeds up until the usual wp-head and the actual folder naming like wp-content. I also added my own theme with all the own/none-wordpress markup. This adds up more security and of course feels more custom.
Secondly I wanted the client to write as less to none code into the editor as possible. The first approach to connect a wordpress to a static one-pager is usual just to make one page and paste all the code into this one page. With this way the client would have to go throw endless lines of code and most likely would "break" something.
So I decided for a custom page template. Wordpress has a good documentation on this, which makes it really easy.
In the wordpress backend the one-pager has now more than 25 pages even partly with children. So for example the sub-page team has more than 20 children pages, each member has one. The client can even sort in which order the the children an shown.
This way I can write all my frame markup like lists, wrappers and logic for fetching the pages in the template and the client doesn't need to bother with it in the editor window. The children of one main sub-page are fetched dynamically so the client can add for example more team members without me touching the template.


So in all a great project to get back and deeper into wordpress and use great new frontend techniques. More to come!

Still alive ...

Berlin is treating me well. I found great job just right after 2 weeks being back. Company is great and has great input for me.
Of course i can't really post about the projects i'm doing for the company
but at least i could support the relaunch of the new Siddharta website.
We re-structured the whole website, gave it a glimpse of html5 and css3 and focused on more interaction with the audience on a more easy way (scratched the forum, opened up news comments, facebook connect etc).
There are some more great project waiting for me in the future. I'll keep you posted.

Back and new app

I'm back to Berlin and looking around for a job. Slovenia was a great input. Wouldn't want to miss that experience! Thanks to everyone there for the support!


Meanwhile a new version of the Siddharta app was released. I improved the slide show of pictures, added some more lyrics and most importantly downgraded to start with OS 3.1. These iAds are so inflexible and not even working for Europe yet so Admob here you go.


On the same concept i did another app for the band Elvis Jackson. It was approved a week ago and can be found here: Apple's Itunes Store. Client was happy so was me. Great work!

IPhone App

Since the 14th of July the app is released. It is a presentation of the band Siddharta.
In general i think this is a great step for bands to reach out to their audience and also meet new target groups. Another platform if you are thinking in the direction of social networks. Fans can have their favorite band always with them, stay up to date and also reach out to their social environment

You can try the app here and tell me what you think.


For a new project with my current company i started with iPhone Sdk. I was skeptical in the first place how it will evolve and if it's not better to go rather in the direction of android since it has a wider range and is not so locked down. The Sdk confirmed quite a lot in the beginning. It's clumsy and not made for that kind of programming in the first place.

But now after 2 strong weeks with the Sdk, tons of frustration with the logic of a Mac and some fun with table views and tabbars, it's coming together.

And I must say I'm quite excited. I think for me it's a good step in a new direction. Extending the designing to interface design, and the programming to object orientated.

My first app will come to the app store in some weeks. We still have to work out some paper work. More about it hopefully soon.